Your office staff should complete an ordering form for each patient to be tested with patient information, their symptoms, your preliminary diagnosis of their condition and authorization. Upon completion forms should be faxed to (267) 740-1045 or sent via secure email to National Diagnostic Solutions.


After receiving the ordering forms National Diagnostic Solutions will begin pre-authorization of insurance benefits. Once all pre-authorization is complete our staff will contact your office to determine which date best suits your office for testing. Our staff will then schedule and confirm all patient appointments. As the testing date nears we will be in contact with your office to verify appointment times and tests scheduled


On your scheduled date of testing our technologist will arrive 20-30 minutes prior to the first appointment to meet your office staff and setup testing equipment. All ordered tests will then be performed on your patients


Within 24-48 hours your office will receive all interpretations via fax, mail, or secure email. You can then schedule your patients for follow up visit whereby you can review the reports with your patient and create a treatment plan based on the finding


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