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SmallLogoThe goal of the National Diagnostic Solutions team is to equip independent physicians and other healthcare providers with the necessary tools and equipment to provide the most advanced diagnostic care possible for their patients. National Diagnostic Solutions seeks to provide small physician practices and other larger healthcare organizations with a full solution set that allows them to improve their practices and advance the current treatments offered to their loyal patients.

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Below Are Some of the Many Reasons Why National Diagnostic Solutions’ Clients and Patients Benefit From Incorporating Our Turnkey Diagnostic Testing Solutions:

  • Patients appreciate being in the comfort of your office and not having to go elsewhere to an oftentimes overcrowded out-patient facility or hospital

  • Physician practices are able to expand their current diagnostic practice offerings in a fully customized way with NDS taking a consultative approach

  • Our experienced National Diagnostic Solutions Techs are all certified in their particular fields and perform each test using the latest in General Electric technology

  • Testing results are sent back to your office within 24-48 hours of testing, with the ability to do immediate or same-day interpretations

  • Affiliate Physicians are more involved in the imaging and neuro-diagnostic procedures performed directly within their offices and are often able to get initial feedback instantaneously

  • All procedures can be directly monitored by Affiliate Physicians for quality control and patient comfort

  • Reports and findings are used by National Diagnostic Solutions Staff Physicians to generate a proper treatment plan

  • Raw data and images can be requested by the Affiliate Physicians in addition to the professional interpretations

  • Testing results provide valuable data for Affiliate Physicians to demonstrate to insurance companies whether patient conditions are improving or a new plan of action is required

  • Professional results provide baseline values to monitor patients to determine whether conditions are improving or worsening over time

  • The National Diagnostic Solutions office staff handle all pre-authorization and scheduling of patients and make the process as easy as possible for your existing staff



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