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Everyone more or less knows how to eat healthy the majority of the time, but this can prove to be a challenge during the carefree summer days. All those family picnics, night outs, outdoor adventures are just bound to overflow with food that could make even the strictest eaters forget that they’re on a diet!

But don’t fret— because there’s definitely a way to save yourself from a period of regret due to post-summer gain weight. With proper eating habits, a healthy and fit you can still enjoy and make the most out of the warm summer sun!

1 Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Combat the heat by drinking water often, especially when travelling, playing under the sun, or doing outdoor play. You can also add slices of lemon or cucumber in your water to add flavour and have that detoxifying effect. Go beyond the suggested eight glasses of water in the day to avoid rapid loss of fluids in the body since the heat can get too intense.

Other beverages with electrolyte content are also good option to take in. You also might want to limit your caffeine and tea consumption. They, along with other beverages with sugar, can increase body heat and actually dehydrate your body, making your face feel flushed.

2 Avoid processed or junk foods

While processed food can seem so convenient, be wary of their unhealthy contents such as high-fructose syrup, MSG, plenty of sodium, and heart-clogging oils that would pose your health in a string of health conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer. Instead, eat fruits, vegetables, and meats which are good sources of nutrition and energy.

3 Cook at home

Not only will cooking at home save you money, it will also let you have the control of what ingredients and condiments to be used, giving you the opportunity to monitor how healthy your food can be. Plus, you can be sure that your food is prepared in a safe and clean environment.

4 Get the most out of your salad

Not all salads are healthy, especially those from different restaurants that are loaded with dressing, cheese, and fried chicken, and they are loaded with fats and calories. Why not make your own vegetable salad and then top them with grilled chicken, tuna, or beans instead?

5 Add fruits to your eating plans

Stay energized and hydrated through eating fruits this season. Not only are they rich in essential vitamins to make your immune system stronger, but they can counter fluid loss in the body. You can eat them raw or have them as juices or smoothies, whichever you prefer, there’s no wrong way around it—just don’t put too much sugar.

Again, you don’t have to give up the joys of eating this summer but you have keep tab of everything you eat and keep yourself going and healthy while enjoying most of the season.

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